Tutor Resources

The following are links to websites that we encourage you to review with your learner  to further enhance their learning experience: Reading Websites IXL (Electronic language arts work sheets that are done on the computer.) Dictionary.com (Online dictionary, thesaurus, and language translator.) Please Read (a free text-to-speech software that can be downloaded from online.) Read Write Think (free resources to teachers and education professionals related to English and language arts)   Math Websites Math.com (Step-by-Step breakdown on how to work out various types of math problems) Kahn Academy (Visual math instruction through YouTube videos) IXL (Electronic math work sheets that are done on the computer. Levels range from basic math to pre-calculus.)   Math worksheets MathDrills.com ( Utilize thousands of free math worksheets for teachers and parents on a variety of math topics.)   English as a Second Language USA Learns (online resource to help ESL learners learn English through exercises that take them through real world scenarios and activities.) News in Levels (a site that takes current news stories and simplifies them for English Language Learners according to their reading level.)

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